Useful tools in AEM development

July 26, 2017    aem tools

List of tools

This list will be replenished as new ones are found

1 Oak Index Definition Generator

Very useful tool to understand what indexes do you need for particular query. link

2 Dialog Conversion Tool

If you are using classic ui dialogs in AEM project and planning to migrate on Touch UI dialogs you definitely need this tool. link

3 Watch logs in a browser

If you bored to watch AEM logs on you file system there is an easy way to see them in a browser. Just enter this link:




4 Dump ClientLibs

In case you need test,validate or rebuild clint libs go here:


5 Tags debugging

If you need to perform some actions or analysis with tags use Tag Administration Console:


6 Chrome extension for AEM developers

A collection of tools and links to help the daily AEM developer work a little faster. It’s a work in progress. Please feel free to provide feedback on my little side project.(c link)

7 Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)

Installing the Debugging Tools. Adobe Documentation how to install DTM switch and DTM debugger.

  • direct link to DTM switch (chrome)
  • direct link to debugger

8 IntellIj IDEA plugins

9 X-Ray for Touch Ui

If you need to overlay any touch ui components and do not know where to find it in crx/de this will help you a lot.

The Xray Tool


10 Groovy console

I think it is a swiss knife in AEM tools because you can write and execute groovy code on the fly.

Groovy Console

May be the best tool if you need to perform bulk content updates, or gather some information, or get reports.

11 OSGI configuration diff tool

Sometimes you want to figure out if there is any differences in OSGI configs between 2 instances

This tool may save you a lot of time OSGI Config diff

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