AEM 6.4 useful links

May 16, 2018    aem

List of useful links to start with AEM 6.4

Below you can find the list of AEM 6.4 related information. Links are grouped by categories.


  1. Using the System Overview Dashboard in AEM
  2. Using oak-run.jar to Manage Indexes in AEM
  3. Indexing via the Oak-run Jar
  4. Oak Documentation and Best Practices
  5. Set up Smart Translation Search with AEM Assets Awesome feature, but it requires a lot of RAM(depends on language)
  6. Translation Enhancements in AEM

Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 Learn & Support


  1. Using the Style System with AEM Sites
  2. Understanding how to code for the AEM Style System
  3. AEM Sites Experience Fragment Enhancements (Partners only)
  4. Using Building Blocks with AEM Experience Fragments
  5. Using AEM Experience Fragments with Adobe Target
  6. Using Content Fragments and Content Services in AEM
  7. User Experience Enhancements in AEM

Tutorial –> Getting Started with AEM Sites - WKND Tutorial


  • HTL
  • Sling Models
  • Touch UI
  • Core Components v2
  • Editable Templates
  • Style System
  • Maven AEM Project Archetype 13


  1. Using Cascading Metadata in AEM Assets
  2. Bulk Metadata Import and Export
  3. AEM Assets Custom Smart Tags (Partners only) AWESOME!!!!!
  4. Using Metadata Import and Export in AEM Assets
  5. Asset Reports
  6. Using Smart Crop with AEM Assets Dynamic Media


  1. Configuring and Deploying Screens
  2. Understanding AEM Screens


  1. Creating DataSource Configuration in AEM Forms
  2. Preparing DataSource For Form Data Model
  3. Creating Form Data Model
  4. Using JSON Xpath in AEM Forms Form Data Model
  5. Creating Form Data Model Without Data Source
  6. Using Form Data Model To Post Binary Data
  7. Using Charts In Print Channel Documents
  8. Creating Web Channel Document Template AEM Forms
  9. Using PieCharts in Interactive Communications Document - Web Channel
  10. Using Reducer Functions in AEM Forms - Charts
  11. Using Table in Interactive Communication Documents - Web Channel

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